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If you would like some extra help with your class, Claire (Founder of StudentRDH) can provide a presentation for you.

  • Length: 1-2 hours
  • Format: Webinar (link will be shared)


  • WakeUpMemory™ to help your students double their memory (pharmacology)

  • Everything about the national boards (question types, blueprint, schedule, etc.) and tips to pass

  • How to prepare for the boards and maximize your score

Karen Brown - Dental Hygiene Faculty Fortis Salt Lake City

Claire recently dedicated her time to do a webinar with the graduating class and within an hour’s time, the students were both stimulated and challenged, encouraged and informed. I, too, gained new knowledge so that I could better help the students. I encourage you to subscribe to this review and take advantage of not only the DH material but also the Memory course as she has many proven methods and hints to help recall information. 

Her interest in helping candidates retain that knowledge is a true testament to her interest in the future success of those who have taken her courses not just to them successfully passing the NBDHE.

Al-Isha Tisdale Jones, Dental Hygiene Faculty at Eastern International College 

The webinar was very insightful. I think the strategies really are a great way to sustain memorability. Not to mention, how it helps to establish a format for answering questions. Whether multiple choice, true or false, or case study.

Again, we enjoyed all the memory techniques, and brain exercises. We hope to see you in the near future for our freshmen; when they become seniors.

Samantha Reidenbach - Dental Hygiene Faculty at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

The presentation was engaging and motivational. The students were provided with memory tips that they could put directly into practice in any content area. Claire shared not only ideas for increasing information recall, but examples and evidence that it really works!

Dr. Donna Wicker -  Dental Hygiene Faculty at El Centro College

Claire presented a memory practice webinar for senior students to prepare for boards. She is engaging and full of contagious energy. The students are graduating soon, so they’re tired and overwhelmed, but she managed to ignite their excitement and reenergize them for their sprint to the finish line. 

Claire had tips on making memory connections and tricks for remembering drugs and implications that will not only be helpful for board study, but also in their future practice.

This booklet is extremely popular among students and schools. 

  • 24 pages long with color codes, images, and tables.
  • Originally $25 for individuals, but FREE for students and faculties
  • Shipped to over 100 schools


  • Drug names, usage, category, and dental implication

  • Local anesthesia MRD summary table

  • Medical emergencies summary table

  • And more!