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Everything about the National Boards (question types, blueprint, schedule, etc.), updates and tips.

Critical Thinking

How to improve your skills to use in NBDHE and case studies strategies

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This booklet is extremely popular among students and schools.
  • 24 pages long with color codes, images and tables
  • Originally $25 for individuals, but FREE for students and faculties
  • Shipped to over 200 schools
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Included in the booklet

  • Drug names, usage, category and dental implication
  • Local anesthesia MRD summary table
  • Medical emergencies summary table
  • And more!

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What's Included

  • How StudentRDH step-by-step system works and why it’s making studying addictive.
  • Why our review book is different from other review books and why it will make a massivedifference in your studies (hint: it’s not all about study guides and quizzes)
  • All about mock exams: short form, long form, how it works and how it will help you reduce your anxiety.
  • Practice questions and quizzes and how they will help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses so that you can use this information in your favor.
  • Why WakeUp Memory techniques are KEY to improve your memory and get higher scores (hint: Memory is required in every single exam question and is the basis of critical thinking. Claire (Founder of StudentRDH) is a Memory Champion.)
  • The difference between our Success and VIP Packages and how to pick one.
  • Q&A with dental hygiene students: Learn from your peers’ experience, what worked, what didn’t and how you can apply it to your success.

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