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Rescheduled for June 2024 
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NEW grad RDH, your transition toolkit 🧰🦷

Top 3 topics NEW grad RDHs asked for!
Meet up over Zoom, small group session, limited seats.

June 2024
  • Format

    Online webinar, recorded
  • Webinar date

    June 2024
  • Speaker

    Nadia Rossi, RDH
    Claire Jeong, MS, RDH
  • Duration

    2 hr + QA
    (Total 3 hr)

⚠️Limited to 30 seats/webinar⚠️
🤑Early bird special pricing: $30 off 🤑
Enrollment will open once we have the final schedule

"I applied everything I learned in my interviews. The offices could see that I took the extra step to be a competent new grad. Thank you so much for the course! - Jina, RDH

3 courses NEW grad RDHs asked for:

You don't have to suffer alone. We can guide you. For only a small fee, walk into your first job(s) competence and confident.

Topic #1: What employers wish new grads knew

• Get an insight into what dentists and hiring managers wish all new grad RDH's knew before starting your job

• What is the office's main concern and what should be yours? Is it money, patients, staff?
• Should you try and get along with the staff? Is there a line of professionalism that should not be crossed?
• What should I expect within the first 3 months at an office?

Topc #2: The right salary

• Asking for your expected wage can be hard. Learn how to make an educated decision on what to ask, and how to get it.

• How to ask for the correct salary and what to base it on
• If I get benefits and perks, does that get calculated in my hourly rate?
• How to negotiate to get CE allowance, uniform allowance and extended benefits/health spending account
• When should I be asking for wage reviews, and how?

Topci #3: How to manage time in a 1-hour appointment. 

• Going from a 4 hour appointment in school to a 1 hour appointment in office on your first day can be scary! Break down your time to create ultimate productivity in your chair without the hassle of figuring it out for yourself

• How to set myself up for success before the patient is in the chair

• How do I break down an hour into segments that work for me and the patient

• How can I be productive in the office in the 1- hour time frame
PDF download


PDF download:
  • Salary calculation worksheet
  • Clinical notes template
QA session

Bonus #2

Bring all your burning questions.
  • What if I get rejected?
  • What is health spending account?
  • Do I ask for more time as a new grad?

⚠️Limited to 30 seats/webinar⚠️
🤑Early bird special pricing: $30 off 🤑
Enrollment will open once we have the final schedule

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In 3 hrs, go from a "clueless" new grad RDH ➡️ to a "ready for the real world" RDH