? You are about to start a very exciting journey, maybe you already did! Are you nervous? ? If so, you are not alone. To be honest, DH school is VERY hard. ? You will take more than 20 courses, see patients, do homework, plan projects, find externships, then take the boards. ?

Juggling time between family, work, and school will be impossible. ? As the founder of StudentRDH, the #1 online exam prep solution, I have seen thousands of students ?

In this webinar, you will learn:  ?

  • How to get better scores in your exams ?
  • How to PASS your courses
  • Super useful tips that you’ve never heard before
  • How to create good study habits
  • How to have a morning routine

⭐ Hint: It is about getting better scores on your exams so you don’t FAIL your courses.

⭐ BONUS! Live Q and A session. I will be answering all your questions. Bring them on! ☑

Here are the details: ?

Date: Saturday, Sept 29th

Time: 11 am PST/ Noon MST/ 1 pm CST/ 2 pm EST

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