StudentRDH founders were asked by the 2 most popular podcasts in the dental industry to share their success stories.

Howard Farran Podcast - Episode #590

StudentRDH founders Claire and Dr. Jeong talk about their philosophy on exam prep - Create maximum return while being efficient. This can only be achieved if we use our brain properly to remember information. On a daily basis, our brain retains information in short-term memory, which serves as the temporary "container." In order to properly store this information to long-term memory, we have to use memory techniques. 

StudentRDH uses the WakeUp Memory Technique, specially created for dental professionals to help anyone remember information better. This is especially important if you are taking the dental hygiene boards information.

See what the Wake Up Memory Technique is about! Try it and maximize your efforts!

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A Tale of Two Hygienists

Tale of two hygienists StudentRDH boards review

Claire was invited to the podcast to share her experience building a company in the dental industry. She explains the possibilities education can take advantage of and how she incorporated e-learning technology to create the best dental hygiene boards review course.

Towards the end of the show, Michelle and Andrew play "dental hygiene boards review pop quiz"! Claire asked 5 questions with answer choices. Hear Michelle and Andrew struggle to find the answer! Claire will also give you the answer and explanation. BONUS! She explains the Wake Up Memory Technique and shows the listers how to remember anything for the dental hygiene board examinations.

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Other popular topics

StudentRDH has many FREE videos, created to help the dental hygiene students prepare for the board examination.

How to use the brain more? Let's use science to be more productive

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