FAQs about the WREB Local Anesthesia Exam


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Local Anesthesia consists of two exams: Written and Clinical exams.

Q: How many questions are there and how much time do I have in the WREB local anesthesia exam?

  • There are 50 multiple-choice questions. Up to five (5) field test questions are included and will not be counted in your final score.
  • Candidates are allowed 60 (sixty) minutes to complete the exam.

Q: What types of questions will I see in the Local Anesthesia exam?

  • Examination questions are both discipline-based and case-based and address knowledge, application, and problem-solving skills.
  • The questions are multiple choice and will only have one correct answer.

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Q: What subject matters are included in the Local Anesthesia exam?

  • Physiology and anatomy (head and neck).
  • Pharmacology of anesthetic agents and vasoconstrictors, which includes the clinical actions and maximum recommended doses of specific agents, method of delivery of local anesthesia, including armamentarium, selection of injection type, and administration technique.
  • Interpretation of medical history: Life support and prevention, recognition, and management of complications.

Please here to go to WREB’s Exam Preparation section where you can find the candidate’s guides.

Q: When can I take the Local Anesthesia exam?

  • The Anesthesia Written exam must be completed within the assigned time frame which is anytime between 60 days and 15 days before the clinical examination.

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Q: How do I register for the WREB Local Anesthesia exam?

  • Applicants must first register for the Local Anesthesia Written Examination via WREB’s website. Once enrolled, you will receive a letter that authorizes you to contact Pearson VUE.
  • Once you received a 10 digit eligibility number (beginning with a W) that appears on the enrollment letter, schedule your exam.
  • Exams can be scheduled by either calling the toll-free number listed in the registration letter.
  • Payment for the exam via credit card or debit card is required at the time you schedule your Pearson VUE appointment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your appointment from Pearson VUE after you complete the scheduling process. The confirmation will include payment approval, testing center location, and other pertinent information.

Q: What is the passing grade for the WREB Local Anesthesia exam?

  • The passing grade is 75.

Q: Do I received a score or is it pass/fail for the WREB Local Anesthesia exam?

  • Only a pass/fail report will be available to you.

Q: When are the results reported for the WREB Local Anesthesia exam?

  • Local Anesthesia Written exam results are posted weekly and can be accessed via the WREB website. Once posted, you will be notified via email.
  • Students have shared that the results were announced 1-3 days after the examination.

Q: What are the fees for the WREB Local Anesthesia exam?

  • $50: WREB Local Anesthesia Written exam fee.
  • $55: Pearson VUE fee.

Q: What do I need to prepare the day of the WREB Local Anesthesia exam?

  • You will be required to provide two (2) valid, current forms of identification.
  • One is considered your primary ID.
    The primary ID must have your photo and signature, and the name on the ID must match the exact name as provided to WREB and Pearson VUE. Acceptable primary IDs are U.S. driver’s license issued by the government, passport, military ID, alien registration card, an ID issued by the government, a school ID or employee ID.
  • A secondary ID must also be provided and must have your name and signature.
    Acceptable secondary IDs are Social security card, bank credit card, bank ATM card, library card or any form of primary ID that was not used as the primary ID upon check-in. Secondary IDs must be current and must match the exact name as provided to WREB and Pearson VUE.

Please here to go to WREB’s Exam Preparation section where you can find the candidate’s guides.

Q: If I have a question, who should I contact?

[email protected] or [email protected].

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