☝ I’ve had the pleasure to interview Kathleen Bokrossy, Founder of RDHU.ca , one of the few places you can get amazing hands-on CE courses in Canada. She is not only an amazing educator, but she is also a super successful entrepreneur.

? Her wisdom is overflowing and she shared some of her tips for StudentRDH’s new grads.

? Never compromised, know your value
? Do not let negativity affect you
? Be that positive person everyone wants to be with
? Be an “Intrapreneur” (manage your op like your own business)
? Get continuing education right away
? Take care of your body (get massages) and many more!

She also shares her honest experience being “bullied” at work… ? (uh oh)

? Let’s hear her wisdom so we are well prepared for The Real RDH Life! ?

Watch The Full Interview!

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