Welcome to Dental Hygiene school! ?

Nervous? ? Don’t worry, you will meet new friends who will share this exciting journey with you. ? Some of them will become your best friends for life. ☑ But you will also face many challenges. ?

? That’s why having a better idea on what’s in store for you at DH school will help ease your anxiety.

As the founder of StudentRDH, the #1 dental hygiene online exam prep, I’m here to help you with that. ?

I’ve prepared a VERY special webinar to help you get ready for DH school. ?

? What you will learn:

  • How to get better scores in your exams
  • How to PASS all your courses (with ease!)
  • Super useful tips that you’ve never heard before
  • How to create great study habits
  • How to have a morning routine (that sets you up for success)

 HINT: It’s basically about how to crush your exams so you don’t fail your courses.

⭐ BONUS: Live Q & A session with me. I am ready to answer all your questions!

☑ Here are the details: 

Date: Saturday, Nov 3rd

Time: 11 am PST/ Noon MST/ 1 pm CST/ 2 pm EST

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