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Have you ever seen our popular Top 150 Drugs Booklet and wondered how could you get one?

We originally created them to help students with exam prep but they’ve become extremely popular among dentists, RDHs office managers and assistants! 

Over the last few months we’ve received dozens of emails asking how to purchase them. Good news , you can buy them online now!

The booklets are 20 pages long with color codes, images, keyword summary and dental considerations.

The DISCOUNTED price is $20 per booklet + $5 shipping and you can place your order right now. (please include your mailing address when you sign up)

Are you a faculty ordering the booklets for your entire class? See our super discounts! Actually, thy Please visit our faculties page

Please note that due to high demand all orders placed in December will be shipped in January

If you want to order more than 1 copy, please contact us at support@studentrdh.com and let us know how many you'd like to order. Please include your shipping address and we'll send you a separate invoice.

If you are a faculty ordering the booklets for your entire class, please visit our faculties page