A lot of us deal with anxiety. That's a fact.

So I asked my sister, Dr. Jeong: 

''What else can we do to support to our community of dental hygiene students ?"

So she created these awesome Energy Bracelets. 

As a Master Level Energy Healer, she infused incredible positivity in them. The beads were carefully selected to reflect the empowering intentions. 

This is a one-time event sale! We hope this small piece can help you see your success story with more clarity.


Claire J.

Why are these bracelets so special?

They are made of: 

  • White Lava
  • Silver Plated Lava
  • Turquoise Howlite

As lava rocks are formed when volcanoes erupt, they contain the wisdom and the power of nature. A very grounding stone, the Lava helps relieve anxiety and worries. Lava stones can be very helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, reminding you that when you simply follow the course of nature, you will be in the flow and that all is going to be okay. 

Howlite is a wonderful stone that helps declutter the mind. It helps bring calmness and peace to the busy mind by removing any unwanted or unnecessary thoughts. When there is peace in your mind, clarity can come through with no obstruction.

Whenever you feel uneasy, anxious, or overwhelmed, hold the bracelet, close your eyes, and take a few cleansing deep breaths into your heart center.