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Live Review VS StudentRDH Success Package

What is the best dental hygiene boards review?

  • Live reviews: they are great but extremely EXPENSIVE
  • Review books: too overwhelming
  • Books: do not help to get used to the computer format
  • Studying on your own: you don't where to start

You can't afford to fail after all you've done.

There is SO much information you need to memorize that is overwhelming. How are you supposed to memorize the dentition eruption pattern plus another hundred definitions by heart? 

It's pretty challenging. I know.

But you've already done most of the work by going to dental hygiene school, tackling all your assessments, passing your exams... 

It's been a LOT. 

And now you're so close to the finish line that...

We surveyed 5500 students and schools this year. This is what they want: 

  • Save money (hotel or transportation fees associated with in-person reviews)
  • Not travel to locations
  • Replay videos
  • Get a physical book
  • Access study guides, quizzes, and mock exam online

What if I told that you could have all of these in just a single package?




5 Elements for Success

1. Self-Study Online Program (= Basic package)

Study Guides

Start reviewing immediately! No need to wait until the live review day comes. 99% success rate. The self-study online program includes the 17 chapters (+ Mock exam):

Inside the study guide, the information is condensed, so you can focus on what you need to know.

  • 17 chapters (this is more than other boards review)
  • 289 small topics (e.g., Oral pathology related to tobacco, caries classification etc.)
  • Straight to the point NBDHE® study guide, just what you need to know.

Practice Questions

  • Sample questions of the Dental Hygiene National Boards at the end of each chapter
  • Over 2000 questions that rotate (goal: To NOT memorize the sequence)
  • Immediate feedback with detailed explanations of answer choices A, B, C, D, and E.

Mock Exams

  • Case studies with images, charts, profile, and radiographs
  • Simulation mock in the format of the NDHCE
  • Tabs to view  images, charts, profile, and radiographs
  • Countdown timer, just like the real boards

 2. Review book 

Do you like to read things on paper? Ever wanted to complement an online review with a book? We ship it straight to your home address. Keep it forever.

3. Videos: Watch 20+ hours of webinars


When you go to a Live Review you don't get the session recorded. You see them once and you are left only with a book.

StudentRDH gives you 20+ hours of videos that you can rewatch again and again as many times as you need!

4. Special Q&A sessions online

Meet Claire online, once a month and ask all your questions. Get clarity and know exactly how to tackle them on the day of the exam

Learn from others' questions too, maybe there is something you did not think of!


5. WakeUp Memory™ technique for every chapter

StudentRDH Founder Claire is the Ontario Memory Champion and she will teach you how to incorporate memory techniques for each topic. (example: You will be able to memorize the dentition eruption pattern by heart using Wakeup Memory™ technique)

6. BONUS! Secret to Job Offer - Interview Skills For The Dental Professional

Discover the secret of having a successful interview. Learn the unique 8-steps process tailored to the dental professional and get your dream job.


Online review + book + WakeUpMemory™ + webinars + Live QA



$449 --> $389 ($60 discount) Price will go UP soon! Use code: success



  • Start studying immediately. No need to wait till the Live Review day arrives.

  • Study during Christmas and be ahead of those who are still waiting to go to the Live Review

  • Save MONEY - If you go to a Live Review you have to pay your course fee + hotel + transportation + food.

  • Learn memory techniques - I teach you how to memorize all the information you need using the WakeUp Memory technique (i.e.: I help you memorize the dentition eruption pattern by heart)


Live Review VS StudentRDH Success Package

In-Person Review or StudentRDH?

Seminars VS StudentRDH

Ashleyle's story

Meet Ashleyle Barnes, a brave dental hygiene student who after going to a seminar with her classmates, she did NOT pass the Nationals Boards. 

Even though Ashleyle was feeling pretty depressed, she didn't give up and decided to use StudentRDH to prepare for her second attempt. 

The result? She PASSED



  • Self-study program

    Our classic StudentRDH National Boards review. Study guides + Practice questions + Mock exams with timer. Access from your phone and computer.

  • Book

    We know some of you love paper! We send you a physical review book by mail that you can keep forever.

  • 30h of webinars

    Review videos that you can rewatch again and again as many times as you need. Forgot something? Play the video and refresh!

  • Special Q + A session

    Ask anything you want and we will find the answer for you

  • WakeUp Memory for every chapter

    Claire (founder of StudentRDH) is a Memory Champion. She will spill all the memory tricks she used only for her coaching clients to you.

Meet Latoria

Failed twice, and finally passed with StudentRDH




“Student RDH review helped a lot when studying for the national board exam. I planned out my studying with the help of Claire's study guide. She helped define my strengths and weaknesses and from there I was able to conquer my weaknesses first. It took me about 2-3 days to cover a topic and go through each quiz. I was thankful for this information and also follow what she bolds in the review. I would definitely recommend student RDH to any one taking the board exam :) ! Good luck!”

Luisa RamosLuisa Ramos

“If you want to pass, you have to study from StudentRDH. Very simple, and easy to understand. I recently presented the dental hygiene national board and yesterday I received the best news of my life, I passed my exam!!! I would like to thank Claire and her team for such an awesome review.”

Sebastian LoperaSebastian Lopera

“I was procrastinating. But immediately after purchasing StudentRDH, I am actually reading and studying. I spent so much money on study materials. I wish I knew about this sooner, because this is all I needed! ”

Bethany KazimirBethany Kazimir

“I just want to THANK StudentRDH for such an amazing program. I am so glad I decided to invest in the program because it helped me pass my national board exam. I LOVE the way Claire organized every section, it helped me stayed focused and organized. I truly recommend StudentRDH. Thanks again Claire for being so brilliant and coming up with great ideas to help students study for their board exams. You made it easy and fun!!”

Evelyn Balan de GonzalezEvelyn Balan de Gonzalez

“The BEST program I’ve ever used. This is all you need to pass. Easy to understand and follow along. This is what helped me pass my boards on my 5th attempt. If only I knew of it the first time I tested. Thank you #StudentRDH 🦷💜”

Paige BoothePaige Boothe

“Finding out I passed my NBDHE is definitely in my top 5 proudest moments. I had 4 different NBDHE board reviews (Student RDH, DH seminar, Andy RDH, & Darby) Of the 4, Student RDH was the most helpful as it was simplified to easily digest and comprehend dense contents. I had my reservations in the beginning because I thought it was too easy, but when I cross referenced, I realized the core content is the same, but Student RDH simplifies it instead of making it unnecessarily complicated— in which allowed me to fully understand and move onto different topics quicker. Additionally, your hilarious wake up memory techniques WORK!! I will never forget them as long as I’m a hygienist lol. I am forever grateful that you created such an outstanding program that helps students succeed. Thank you again in all your efforts, couldn’t have done it without student RDH ✨🙏”

 Zara Edalat Zara Edalat

“I did a lot of research on the internet. After downloading some apps, I finally found Student RDH. I hoped I had found it before! I recommend it with no doubt! I’m a dentist in my Country, so I needed a guide to study for the NBDHE. This course it’s everything I wanted and more: Complete, focused, very well structured and explained, many tips, didactic videos, very interesting links, real test questions with an explanation of the answer, and more. You can review and evaluate your knowledge of each chapter. It’s the first time in all my career that someone explains me tedious things as Embriology in such an easy way. If you are a foreign dentist or an hygienist, you should take one of the courses! I’m confident I will pass the test thanks to them!”

 Mar Navarrete Mar Navarrete

“I just took my board exam on August 7th. I studied Student RDH for about 3 weeks and just found out yesterday that I passed. I'm not going to lie, the test was really hard but I felt prepared. It was very helpful along with the weekly vitamins. Thank you Claire for this amazing program. It is definitely worth the investment!!”

Frankie RdhFrankie Rdh



  • How long is the membership valid for?

    It's 6 months from the date of purchased. If you need more time, please email us and we'll work with you directly.

  • Can I use the Success Package if I'm a Canadian student?

    Sure you can! Please sign up from our Canadian website: https://www.studentrdh.ca/bundles/success-package-national-dental-hygiene-board-ndhce

  • When will I receive the book?

    We ship books every Monday. It may take 7-15 days to arrive. During the pandemic shipment may experience some delays.