Dental Hygiene students are passing the National Boards. How do they do it?

If you want pass the boards on your first attempt, in this page I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do it, and in less time than you think.

Katie was taking the dental hygiene boards, just like you. She wasn’t sure how to study, and that was making her feel really anxious.

At first she tried to study with her school textbooks but she didn’t know where to start and the information was too overwhelming. 

Then she thought about going to a live review, but the idea of having to wait until the review day and not being able to have get any review materials before was putting her off. Plus it was too expensive and she didn’t feel like cramming for 8h a day. 

Katie was getting a little nervous but she kept looking for alternatives. 

She could not afford to fail the exam after all the work she had put into dental hygiene school.

One day she was online and found StudentRDH.

She liked the fact that it was all inclusive: a review book, videos, study guides and a mock exam that simulates the real boards. 

One thing that really caught her attention was that it included memory techniques and how learning these helped other students memorize faster. 

And the fact that her membership could be extended for free until the exam day. She did not see such a guarantee elsewhere. 

She emailed customer support to confirm and received an answer within a couple of hours.

So she decided to try.

Katie passed the boards.

And this is what she got:


The original review

Book + Videos + Study Guides + Quizzes + Mock exams


- Directly shipped to you - Start anytime!

- Checkmark system - Grow confidence one check mark at a time

- Study planner + WakeUp Memory™ + Bonus quiz 

The Best Part: Full-color print

Other review courses ask you to pay more if you want a digital book ($25). StudentRDH includes digital notes + a physical book.


- Bullet point format with keywords

- Check your progress - No other review has this.

- Videos included at no extra cost - Replay as many times as you need 

The Best Part: Unlimited replays

Other review courses will ask you for extra money ($75) and you can only watch them during 2 selected weeks. 


- Sample questions of the Dental Hygiene National Boards at the end of each chapter.

- Over 5000 questions that rotate (goal: not to memorize the sequence)

- Immediate feedback with detailed explanations of answer choices A, B, C, D and E.

The Best Part: Detailed explanation of all answer choices


-  The foolproof way to practice the real format

- Short-form NBDHE®2 sessions, 155 questions.

*While the NBDHE is no longer using the short-form exam, it's one more way to help test your knowledge! 

- Long-form NBDHE®4 sessions, 350 questions. 

*Other reviews may tell you that they have mock exams, but they are not full mocks and they don't have a timer.

- Case studies with tabs to view images, charts, profile and radiographs 

- Countdown timer - just like the real boards. 

- Practice using the format of the real exam and be 100% confident.

The Best Part: StudentRDH is the ONLY board review with a true short-format mock.

Additional mock exams coming soon! 


- Improve your memory and get higher scores 

Memory is required in every single exam question and is the basis of critical thinking.

- Memory enhances the brain function, provides confidence and skills. 

- We teach you exactly how to memorize (example: eruption pattern, drug names, cranial nerves, hypertension guidelines)

- Did you know that Claire (Founder of StudentRDH) is a memory champion and has been coaching about the brain for two decades?

The Best Part: You'll learn exactly how to memorize and you'll be able to apply the memory techniques on your own. 


- Measure your progress and know exactly exactly where you are at.

- No other review has this!

The Best Part: Never lose track of your progress. When you log back in you know exactly where you left it.


You will get special invitations to web conferences and live group studies:

  • Anxiety management 
  • Latest boards updates
  • Tips to score higher
  • And more!


- StudentRDH is for 6 months. But if you need an extension, no problem!

- For example, you sign up in September because you want a head start, but your exam date is May 30th, No problem. We will take care of you.  

The Best Part - No need to worry because your membership will expire. We will extend it for FREE until you PASS.


- Discover the secret of having a successful interview. 

- Learn the unique 8-steps process tailored to the dental professional and get your dream job.

The Best Part - Know exactly how to prepare for a job interview and kickstart your career as an RDH 


- Implementing the AAP Classifications: A Hygienist's Guide to Case Staging and Grading. 

- Discover 7 steps to promote patient compliance with treatment recommendations, while increasing productivity.

- Learn how to discuss DNA testing, chairside microscope education, and laser implementation.

- Review new and innovative ways to improve the chairside experience.

The Best Part - Access the 2017 AAP Periodontal Classifications

+18,000 students passed the Boards with StudentRDH

StudentRDH Success Package VS VIP Package

Wanna attend The Summit 4 weeks of Intensive Live Review meetings?

Join the VIP Package NOW!


Everything you need to PASS the boards

Book + Videos + Study Guides + Quizzes + Mock exams + much more for the National Dental Hygiene Board Review (NBDHE®)

In-Person Review or StudentRDH?

Kassidy from Weber State University, UT

"StudentRDH is the perfect review for your boards"

"I was very impressed with StudentRDH format and how well organized it was. I passed the National Boards!"

Brittany Glauz from Southwestern College, CA

Passed the National Boards with StudentRDH

"I went to a 3 days seminar and I didn't feel that I was as well prepared as I could have been"

Deirdra passed the Nationals on the first try

If you don't know which board review to take, please choose StudentRDH

"When I was taking the Nationals, I felt a sense of peace. I new a lot of the questions!"

Brianna from Mt Hood Community College, OR

StudentRDH completely prepared me for the NBDHE

"I loved how organized and concise each section was. You knew exactly what you needed to know and the Wake-up memory techniques literally SAVED my life when it came to Pharmacology! I will be using this technique for the rest of my life!"

Olivia Blackley recommends StudentRDH

It has all the information you need. It's concise and easy to read

"It takes all the information that is on the Boards and puts it in a very understandable order."



Is it a large investment?

Students and faculty members are saying that StudentRDH has the best value for money since students get everything they need to pass the boards in one single package. No need to purchase anything extra. It's all-inclusive.

Writing the board exam is one of the most challenging things you'll ever have to go through. And after all the work you've put into dental hygiene school, you can't afford to fail. 

But if you do, you get a FREE extension until you pass (even if it takes years). Nobody else gives you this guarantee. 

I thought about going to a live review. 

That's a great idea but did you know that our VIP Package includes The Summit, a 4-weeks Intensive Live Review program? 

As a VIP member you get access to every single one of the Summit editions (3 per year). And nope, you don't have to pay anything extra! 

The Summit has been specifically designed for you with calibrated faculties, customized worksheets, free recordings, personalized support and so much more.  

If Live Reviews are your jam but you wanna skip all the travelling and associated costs, we can't wait to see you inside the VIP Package! 


When you sign up you'll get immediate access to all courses and videos. The book is shipped to you directly. 

With StudentRDH you can study safely from home anytime and at your own pace. 

You don't need to wait until the live review starts to start studying! We believe that you should be the one deciding when to start and with StudentRDH you can start right after you enroll.

How long is the membership valid for?

It's 6 months from the date of purchase. If you need more time because you failed or your exam has been postponed, you can get an extension for FREE. Send us an email and we will work with you directly.

Can I use the Success Package if I'm a Canadian student?

Sure you can. But please sign up from our American website so you can get access to the NDHCE® review. Click here to be redirected to our Canadian website

When will I receive the book?

Book shipments are prepared on business days only (M-F) for the following week and then are shipped once weekly on Mondays. Orders occurring on the weekend will ship on the second Monday following the order to allow time to prepare the shipment. Please allow 10 business days for the shipment of your book. If you would like to request expedited shipping, please email and you will receive an invoice for the increased cost in shipping.

Due to COVID-19, shipping carriers are unable to guarantee arrival timelines. While we work to get shipments processed as quickly as possible, once it is received by the carrier we can only uphold their guarantee.

I have other questions and I can't find the answer on the website

We're here to help! Send us an email at and we will take care of you.