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Step 1: Review with the Study Guides

  • 7 chapters
  • 24 topics you absolutely have to know. Examples: Injections techniques, MRDs, vasoconstrictor
  • Straight to the point format, just what you need to know.


Step 2: Take the Practice Questions

  • Sample questions for the boards (CDCA® / WREB® / CRDTS®)
  • Immediate feedback with detailed explanations all answer choices
  • 50+ calculation questions


Step 3: Take the Mock Exams

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  • Mock Exam: Format of the CDCA® / WREB® / CRDTS® Exam
  • Countdown timer
  • 55 questions, 55 minutes

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Are You Struggling With Local Anesthesia Exams?

You are not alone. Local anesthesia is a very complicated chapter. All the nerves, blood vessels, techniques etc. are confusing.

  • Point A is where you stand right now
  • Point B is your PASS results

Dental hygiene national boards anxiety

If you are reading this, your state is requiring you to PASS the written Local Anesthesia board exam. If you FAIL, you will NOT be able to practice this skill. And we know that employers always want to hire #RDHs certified in Local Anesthesia.


You Have 3 Options

  • Read your textbooks (e.g., Malamed)
  • Wing it
  • Take a Local Anesthesia board exam prep course


The Licensing Exam Is Manageable, But Do You Want To Risk It?

Let's be honest, the Local Anesthesia board exam is NOT like the National exams. It is much shorter (1-hour). The content is also focused on only local anesthesia. Good news! You may already have what it takes! But failing the exam may cause you lots of headaches:

  • Discouragement
  • Delay in licensing
  • Delay in getting hired
  • Salary less than your peers

You are a motivated person and you NEED to pass the dental hygiene national boards.

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StudentRDH is the ULTIMATE SUMMARY of everything you need to know about the Local Anesthesia (CDCA® / WREB® / CRDTS®) boards. Our testimonials are amazing... to say the least.

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The only way to prevent you from failing is to practice, using the format of the real exam. You will then enter the exam room, it will be like a "deja-vu"! And you bet that we have some mock exams that are SIMULATIONS of the real exams (with timer and the same number of questions).

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How Long Is The Subscription?

  • The subscription is valid for 6 months

  • Some students complete StudentRDH review in 1 week, some use StudentRDH for 6 months. It really depends on your study style!

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