[Free Webinar!] What Is The NBDHE And How To Pass It! ?

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Advice To The Junior Class From Students Who Have Recently Passed The NBDHE! ?

Hello there, juniors! ? As you continue on the next half of your #RoadToRDH, you may start wondering about what lies ahead (hint: the dental hygiene board exam) ? But first, you have to go through dental hygiene school! Go to your classes, do your assignments and ultimately pass all your exams. ☝ We asked some graduates… Read More »

Lessons Learned From Students Who Have Recently Passed The NBDHE! ?

Preparing for the dental hygiene boards can be a struggle. Sometimes, you might get very anxious simply because you have absolutely no idea what the boards would be like. ? But don’t worry, our team at StudentRDH is here to help put your mind at ease. ? We reached out to some students who took and… Read More »

“Dental Hygiene School – How To Ace Your Class From Exam #1 Webinar”?

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[Success Story] Brie Campbell from AZ: How To Go From Failure To Success While Managing A New Married Life And Anxiety!

? Hello Dental Hygieniuses! StudentRDH wants to share the amazing success story of Brie Campbell who recently passed the NBDHE ? and now is finally enjoying her life as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Brie had a lot of plans after graduating from Dental Hygiene School. She’s getting married, moving with her new husband to Arizona, then taking her board exams… Read More »