Advice To The Junior Class From Students Who Have Recently Passed The NBDHE! 📝

Hello there, juniors! 👋 You’ve made it halfway through dental hygiene school, so give yourself a pat on the back! 😎 As you continue on the next half of your #RoadToRDH, you may start wondering about what lies ahead – the dental hygiene board exam. 🤔 You might think it’s way too soon to think about the boards,… Read More »

Lessons Learned From Students Who Have Recently Passed The NBDHE! 🤓

Preparing for the dental hygiene boards can be a struggle. Sometimes, you might get very anxious simply because you have absolutely no idea what the boards would be like. 😱 But don’t worry, our team at StudentRDH is here to help put your mind at ease. 😊 We reached out to some students who took and… Read More »

“Dental Hygiene School – How To Ace Your Class From Exam #1 Webinar”🥇

☑ SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP! Welcome to Dental Hygiene school! 🎉 Nervous? 😨 Don’t worry, you will meet new friends who will share this exciting journey with you. 🤗 Some of them will become your best friends for life. ☑ But you will also face many challenges. 🤯 😎 That’s why having a better idea on what’s in store… Read More »

How Dental Hygiene Students From Fortis College Helped Provide Healthy Smiles In Mexico! 🌍

They say if we feel we are blessed to be doing well, we should help others too! That’s what Fortis College DH students had the courage to do! Note from StudentRDH: There are a lot of requirements dental hygiene students need to meet in order to graduate and acquire the golden ticket. Amazingly, I have met… Read More »

[Success Story] Brie Campbell from AZ: How To Go From Failure To Success While Managing A New Married Life And Anxiety!

📣 Hello Dental Hygieniuses! StudentRDH wants to share the amazing success story of Brie Campbell who recently passed the NBDHE 😍 and now is finally enjoying her life as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Brie had a lot of plans after graduating from Dental Hygiene School. She’s getting married, moving with her new husband to Arizona, then taking her board exams… Read More »

[Success Story] Kristian Carrasco from Yakima Valley College: How to Balance Family and School Life.

🔊 I am so happy to present this success story from Kristian Carrasco, a Senior Dental Hygiene Student at Yakima Valley College in Yakima, Washington. (📣 Shout Out to Yakima Valley College!!) 😊 He is also a dedicated father of two youngsters so you can imagine how busy things get for him  🙌In this interview, Kristian told us all about balancing family and school life, how… Read More »