How StudentRDH Was Created

Students were UNSATISFIED with existing dental hygiene board exam review courses

So we carefully listened to students’ real concerns and provided SOLUTIONS

Repeated concerns from students StudentRDH’s solution
I don’t know what to focus on. Assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.
How do I know I am ready? Progress tracking that shows you in percentage how much you have achieved. When you reach 100% in all chapters, you know you are ready!
Question explanations are too short. Practice questions with detailed explanations that cover not only the correct answer, but answer choices A, B, C, D, and E.
I get overwhelmed by all the details in the review books. Study notes that are straight to the point so you can study what is actually important. Goodbye “fillers!”
E.g. Osteoblasts: cells that make bone. Osteoclasts: cells that resorb bone.
It is inconvenient that I have to log in to the publisher’s website to see the answers. Correct answers and explanations are available for each question so you can absorb the content immediately.
I cannot pay attention to the book, or the long videos. Subject divided into smaller topics (research shows that 6 minutes is the maximum a student can pay attention to a video).
I would like to study on my phone. Web-based review course accessible through computers, tablets, and phones.

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